CrossFit GreenHills – CrossFit

Metcon (Time)

Saturday Madness

Teams of 3

2 work/1 rest (when applicable)

The whole team must stay at 1 station until all reps are completed for that station

Equal division of reps/time for all members

Fastest team to finish wins a prize

Complete the following movements as a team for time:

90 Rounds 20 Meter One arm suitcase carry/one arm waiter’s carry (M – 16kg/12kg F – 12kg/20lb)

60 Rounds 14 Meter Med ball throw and retrieve (20/14)

90 calorie row

60 calorie bike

90 reps Sandbag loading (M – Big, 30” F – Small, 24”)

60 Rounds 14 Meter Sled pulls (M – 30kg, F – 15kg)

90 GHD Back Extensions

9 mins one arm one leg plank hold