CrossFit GreenHills – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

400m Row + 28m Bear Crawl

Mobility: Shoulders, OHS position, hips

3 Rounds:

20 Second HS hold

5 Hang power snatch

5 Overhead squats

Workout Of the Day

Metcon (Time)

FOR TIME (7 mins Cap)

50 reps


Rx: HSPU w/ 1 abmat M/F

Scaled: HR Push-ups, Strict Push-ups, Knee Push-ups

Squat Snatch

Metcon (Weight)

EMOM in 15 minutes

2 Full Snatch

* No prescribed weight

* Score = Total weight moved

15×2=30, 30×100=3000 lbs

*If failed rep, round does not count